Join Sweet Waters Adventure and chase some of Quebec’s largest Atlantic Salmon. We will be staying at the Matapedia River Lodge. The dates are July 1st through July 8th, 2017 for seven nights and six days fishing.

The Matapedia River Lodge is located on a mountainside in sector 3 of the famed Matapédia River; the lodge overlooks the Routhierville pool and the Appalachian mountains, only a few minutes away from the world renown Glen Emma fishing sector. The history and quality of fishing on the Matapédia is legendary with the large salmons that return year after year.

The Matapedia Lodge was built in 2011, and entirely constructed using local wood and designed for the fishermen and outdoor lovers. The lodge is located in the small historical village of Routhierville. Our staff will provide you with quality service from your arrival to your departure, and they will make your trip an unforgettable adventure.Mark_Lance-6661

Atlantic salmon appear in the Matapedia River in early May. Most of these salmon, generally females of considerable size, will go directly into the Causapscal River, one of the major tributaries of the Matapedia.

Then in mid-June, the Matapedia strain of Atlantic salmon are found in many pools and the water level can be medium to very high. These salmon are coin bright and quite large; 18 to 30 pounds and more!

When the large run arrives at the beginning of July in the Matapedia, you can expect salmon of 10 to 22 pounds. Later in mid-July, grilse of 4 to 8 pounds will appear, but it is not surprising to see them at the end of June and beginning of July. Big flies are the thing at the beginning of the season and as the season advances smaller ones and dry flies are needed. We recommend single hook for easy catch and release.Mark_Lance-6422

The Matapedia is not only recognized as one of the best Salmon rivers in the province of Québec but throughout the world for its wild Atlantic salmon!!! Each day that you fish, a professional guide will take you on the river and direct you to the best pools of the zone you will be fishing. He will show you the hot spots, help you in your casting and recommend the best flies to use at that time.

Fishing hours are at your discretion, but we highly recommend that you take a nap in the afternoon. Let’s give the fish and guide a break. The Matapedia river has a clear, tea-colored water tint that becomes very dark when it receives a good rain, but the water can be very clear when the water level drops for many consecutive days. The Matapedia is a large river that can be fished from a canoe or with waders from the shoreline. You can fish in most of the pools with a single hand rod, but a Spey rod is a major advantage especially in high water and with larger flies.Mark_Lance-6658

Particular attention is taking preparing our meals served three times a day. Our fine gourmet cuisine offers many dishes. Obviously, fresh salmon and smoked salmon are our specialties along with fresh seafood and BBQ, raised wild game, poultry, soups and local products, such as; vegetables, fruits, oyster mushrooms, jams and jellies, maple syrup, served to satisfy our guests and will, without doubt, excite your taste buds.

Every morning the aroma of fresh bread, pancakes or waffles and coffee will put you on your feet in seconds. Don’t forget the evening desserts! For those wishing to dine on the river, we will prepare an ice box filled with good things.Mark_Lance-6715

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