Sweet Waters Adventure Hosted Trip – August 19th through the 26th, 2018 – Middle Camp on the Grand Cascapedia –Quebec Canada. For more information, please call Jim Stenson 251-633-6330

Join Sweet Waters Adventure for not only a great Atlantic salmon trip, but a great adventure. The Grand Cascapedia River is widely acknowledged by fly fishermen as one of the finest Atlantic salmon destinations in the world. We will be staying at Middle Camp the first week of August 2016. Middle Camp is one the most impressive lodges – if not the most beautiful fishing lodge in North America.


Middle Camp is a 7-bedroom salmon camp on what’s been called the world’s “grandest salmon river”—Quebec’s Grand Cascapedia. When the main lodge burned, the owners replaced the building with one that reflected the architecture of the surrounding buildings. For the interior, they wanted history, a high level of comfort in a camp-like setting and a sense of exclusive tradition.

Middle Camp’s illustrious guest list goes back to its opening in the 1860’s and includes Queen Victoria’s daughter Princess Louise, early Governors-General of Canada, King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, baseball star Ted Williams, hockey great Bobby Orr and Jimmy Carter to name a few.


Construction of Middle Camp began in the spring of 1882, not long after the Marquis of Lorne and Princess Louise built Lorne Cottage. The camp was modestly sized and comprised of two separate buildings. The first contained a small bedroom and a sitting area while the second housed a kitchen for cooking. While visiting the site, Princess Louise and Lord Lorne called the beautiful camp “Middle Camp” because it was located near the midpoint of the river, facing two very rich fishing pools (“The Bar” and “4-24”).


A little History:

The camp changed ownership in 1893 when Henry W. DeForest purchased at auction the lease of the river for his syndicate, which would become known as the Cascapedia Club. In 1899, they began renovating and expanding the property, building a small house for travelling service personnel, a slightly larger cabin for guides, and an ice house. The main house was also renovated. A large overhanging porch was added to the eastern end of the cabin, the kitchen was expanded, and a large brick fireplace was added as a focal point for the new living room. Even after these extensive alterations, the camp’s staff still had to sleep in tents at the back of the property.


In 1932, the last year of the old club’s existence, only two members visited the coast and stayed at Middle Camp. The camp, which still exists today, is now privately owned. (Information courtesy of Hoagy B. Carmichael.)


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